The First Ever Aiden Laurette Photography Wellness Retreat

May 17, 2023

Oh My Lanta!!!!  We did it!!  Aiden Laurette Photography joined forces with Virtually Mads, Jes Van Raay and Sunrise Silo Acres last weekend to host the first annual Country Spring Retreat for small business owners!  

Aiden Laurette photography | yoga at retreat for small business owners

We had the most incredible day on Sunday May 8th at our retreat for business owners!

If you are here, you have likely already seen me gushing about the incredible job my co-hosts did. Not only that, but also about how filled up I felt, and how proud of our attendees I am!  

So, instead of more gushing about our beautiful day at Sunrise Silo Acres, I want to give you a bit more nitty gritty of what we accomplished at our spring retreat. Additionally, I want to dive into  the reason I think events like these are so important for business owners.  

Raise your hand if you have attended a workshop, corporate development day, retreat etc for your job or business? 

Now, if I did my job right, this retreat was a little different than many of those!  

Our day started with a quick overview and some introductions. After that was a 45 minute yoga class led by Jes! Jes focused on leading movement with breath, self compassion and even added in some hands on manipulation to deepen some stretches for our guests.  It was a perfect way to settle into the vision of the spring retreat; Strategies for sustainable growth and reducing burnout in your business in 2023.  

After yoga we had delicious parfaits and energy bites from Urban Jars, and then we dove into the first session. We learnt about how authentically connecting in the DM’s is a way to sell without feeling salesy! The next session led by Jes was all about self-compassion and auditing how we’re taking care of ourselves. Self-care is up to us!

Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners

Fueling, Connecting, Learning, and Moving.

After a delicious lunch of hearty salad jars and a charcuterie board bigger than a card table from Urban Jars, it was time to get outside. We took to nature for a 30 minute walk – which we weren’t sure we were going to get to do but the rain stopped just in time! We explored the Sunrise Silo Acres grounds while moving our bodies and getting to know one another better.

Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners
Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners
Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners
Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners

After lunch I was able to provide some really specific strategies to use in your weekly schedule to reduce your burnout, this included things like boundaries, timing, non-negotiables and outsourcing, which perfectly led us in a session from Virtually Mads, and it was all about how to outsource without A) breaking your bank and B) in a way that feels comfortable for your business and life where you’re at. We took a break to get dressed up and get camera ready, then took headshots courtesy of Aiden Laurette Photography. 

Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners
Aiden Laurette Photography | retreat for small business owners

The day finished with a round table, and it was honestly the best part of the day. We spent time helping each other with specific pain points – in either business or life – that each individual brought up. It was absolutely incredible to connect with everybody on this level. We were able to get insights from different people with different perspectives, and sooooooo many life chats were had. We ended up staying and talking for an extra hour with some of the days valued guests!

All in all, it was an incredibly informational, inspirational and communal day.  Which is exactly what we wanted.  We cannot wait to do it again!

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