But in the back of your mind, you’re feeling a little nervous; maybe a little worried because that wedding you were in last summer the photographer made everything feel rushed and stressed.  

You’re in the right place! 

I’m Aiden Hogervorst, I am the owner and primary photographer around here. 

I created
Aiden Laurette Photography
to provide couples and young families with heirloom quality images and in the years I have spent behind the camera I have learned that getting those over-the-top-amazing, melt your heart images comeS from more than just the click of the shutter.  

They come from so much more; it comes from peace of mind that your experience is one of relaxed enjoyment.  


Couples getting married
Mamas bringing beautiful babies into the world

You are imagining one of those beautiful canvases hung in your living room, bedroom or the baby’s nursery. 

Or maybe you want to know your newborn will be safe in the photographer's arms for a session, perhaps you can’t even imagine your toddler behaving long enough to get a good photo with their new baby sister. 

You have a vision of beautiful photography for your
special moment...

Or maybe its a custom heirloom album on the coffee table. 

Seriously our kids are wicked funny!

My 3 hilarious kids

He is the one who keeps me grounded and is my biggest Cheer leader

My Husband

Most Fridays you can find our family rocking out with our Alexa and making homemade pizza. After pizza is done we hunker down for family movie night.

Friday night Pizza and Movie night!

Whether it’s enjoying the space at or farm outside Lucknow or hanging out at the lake all summer; I love being outside with our family. 

Spending time Outdoors

I love a full bodied red most weekends.


Im like 3 a day girl easily



Things I Love