Rental Companies for Farm Weddings

March 29, 2023

My favourite Rental companies for your farm weddings in Huron, Perth and Bruce Counties!  

Maybe you’ve spent your entire life dreaming of the idyllic wedding day on your family farm. Maybe it’s a newer dream for you because your partner is the one who has always dreamed of a farm wedding.  Either way, this is an exciting time! You get to plan an incredible day for yourselves and your guests at one of your favourite locations!  Although it can be very exciting, there are a lot of extra planning steps involved in creating the perfect wedding day on a private property that has not been intentionally created with events in mind.  

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Now let me preface this by mentioning: I know I am talking a lot about farm weddings right now.This information is perfect for anyone planning a wedding requiring a lot of rentals.  This is most commonly needed for weddings planned on private property.  This could be a backyard, a country property you own or rent from someone, or a farm.  So when you read farm just insert your own special property space!  

No matter where your special location is, if it is not a regularly used venue, then the chances are you will need a great deal of *stuff* brought over in order to host the wedding of your dreams.  We could do an entire blog post just on *what* you need to rent! I am just going to write a quick list and trust you can find additional blogs on exactly what you need elsewhere (you could start here!)

Things you will likely need:

  • A tent- if you aren’t using a structure already on the property
  • A dance floor
  • Tables and chairs- for the guests, the attendants, the caterers, the dj the gifts – the list goes on for a while
  • All tableware-plates, cutlery, glassware serving ware etc
  • All barware
  • A bar!
  • Linens 
  • Decor 
  • Ceremony decor and seating 
  • Lighting

Ok so that is NOWHERE near an exhaustive list.  But that is ok!  Because we are going to talk about some more specific rentals anyways! Here we go; my favourite rental spots in the area. These are in no particular order since they all do slightly different things! 

Rental Companies for Farm Weddings: Devine Wedding Design

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Devine Wedding Design in Mitchell Ontario is an incredible rental spot in Perth County.  I have had the pleasure of working with Wendy at Devine a number of times and her experience in the industry is second to none!  She has been planning and decorating weddings and events for at least 15 years! They offer an absolutely massive catalog of rental options. This is a one stop shop for all of your rental needs for your farm wedding. One of my favourite rental options from them is their round harvest tables, which are hard to come across sometimes.  

Devine Design has everything you’ll need to design a perfect wedding day from classic contemporary to glamorous to rustic or boho.  She offers a variety of decor options as well as furniture and table scapes. Wendy works hard to make sure she has options for everyone’s aesthetic.   Their services range from full design and creation with delivery and set up all the way to DIY decor if you are thinking you just need a few rental items and want to handle the decisions and set up yourself.  

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Rental Companies for Farm Weddings: Willow and Ren 

Willow and Ren is a farm venue and rental spot in Ripley.  If you have a particular design trend in mind that includes natural textures, vintage or boho flair with a dash of a mix matched eclectic feel then this is the place for you!  At Willow and Ren she can take your vision and create a stunning space that exceeds your expectations every time.  What is wonderfully unparalleled about Willow and Ren is the sheer amount of beautiful and uncommon pieces that she has spent years curating from antique shows, estate sales and marketplace meetups. 

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She works very hard to avoid mass produced products wherever she can.  I love her for that because it means  every project she works on is totally unique.  Additionally, by re-using authentic vintage and antique pieces throughout your wedding you can feel great about minimizing the carbon footprint of your day while loving that your guests are truly surrounded in the feeling you were aiming for.  

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Rental Companies for Farm Weddings: NJS Design

NJS has a huge warehouse located in Clinton, and their rental catalog is massive!  They have EVERYTHING. From tables, chairs and linens, dance floors, all the decor you need and everything you’ll need to serve your guests any type of food!  Their large warehouse is so helpful for those couples who have an idea what they are looking for but could still use some visual assistance to really nail down the details.  NJS opens their warehouse regularly for couples to come in for a consultation and discuss their needs.  

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NJS has a TON of options, and I would say their overall style leans toward options in classic, glamorous and rustic styles.  They have tons of linen options including pastel cheescloths as well as glamorous sequins and classic colous.  They also have harvest tables and benches as well as both wooden and white crossback chairs.  In their furniture section they do include several beautiful classic vintage pieces. These are perfect for creating a seating area or to use as your signing table.  They tend towards a less eclectic, more classic beauty in their design choices.  

In addition to their incredible rental catalog they do offer design service and even delivery and setup for your big day if you want a hands off experience.  If you are looking for a one stop shop in Huron County, NJS is a perfect option.  

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Wedding Rental Companies for Farm Weddings: My Farmhouse Apartment

My Farmhouse Apartment is located in Walkerton. It’s is a smaller boutique rental spot that offers beautifully curated vintage, antique and boho furniture pieces to add to your wedding day.  She offers rattan outdoor furniture to create cozy seating spots for your guests during your reception, as well as stunning peacock chairs for the bride and groom.  In addition to these incredible statement furniture pieces, My Farmhouse Apartment has a variety of smaller decor pieces. These are perfect additions to your ceremony and reception space to give that overall feeling you’re looking for!  Sometimes those little details can make all the difference in your space and My Farmhouse Apartment is a true pro!  

D.I.Y. – Do it Yourself

As always, I have to include DIY!  When planning a wedding on a farm or private property, I don’t recommend an entirely DIY wedding day.  There are certain things, like tableware and serving ware for your caterers that just don’t DIY well!!  However, when talking about decor and the extras you can add to really make your reception space feel homey and intune with your overall vibe, you can 100% do some DIY. One of my favourite DIY farm weddings was Janelle and Andrew’s.  Janelle and Andrew got married on her Uncle’s farm a few years ago and Janelle wanted an antique farmhouse feel.  Janelle used a rental company for her tables, chairs linens and tableware.  She chose beautiful white chairs and linens for her guests’ tables. She also switched it up to add in some farmhouse flair to the head table by using a gorgeous dark wood harvest table.  

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What really gave this wedding the vintage farm feel though, was all of the vignettes that Janelle and her Aunt created. They used furniture from their homes!  Throughout the reception space, numerous antique tables, crates, signs, crocks and florals were used to add to the farmhouse feel.  The best part was these were all taken from the homes of her Aunts and relatives. By borrowing the items, Janelle and Andrew were able to save money. They were also able to reduce their carbon footprint and envelope their guests in that welcoming farmhouse feeling throughout their wedding day. 

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As always, I hope I was helpful in answering all your questions about rentals! Thanks and enjoy your planning!

Xoxo, Aiden

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