What to Expect at your Newborn Session PART 1

February 16, 2022

Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Infant eating her hand on white blanket

Planning your newborn session can sometimes feel a little overwhelming! But it are all about or you’ve already booked and now you’re trying to make sure you’re prepared, this series is for you!

Choosing the location and package

Once you’ve chosen your date you can choose your collection and location of your session. At Aiden Laurette Photography we offer three different collection options. They vary in price as well as length of time and poses offered. You can check out pricing info here. You can also choose to have your session take place in the studio located in Lucknow or an in home session. If you’re not sure which would be best for you, you can check out this blog post about that!

All collections include posing options of your baby alone as well as family poses. However the lite collection is a shorter session and therefor nude posing is not offered in the lite collection. Instead the lite collection only includes wrapped and clothed poses in buckets and bowls as well as family poses. The standard and all inclusive collections include everything in the lite collection as well additional poses of baby naked on a simple coloured background. Once your date and package have been selected the fun part starts: choosing the style and look of session.

Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Naked baby

Choosing a Date

Newborn sessions usually go best when they happen in the first 7-12 days after baby is born.  This is a time when baby is still very sleepy and stays asleep even when they are moved or touched.  As they get older, even just 3 weeks old, their tolerance for being touched when sleeping starts going down dramatically! 

At our studio; in order to make sure we get your sweet little one in within this time frame; I recommend booking your session as early as you wish during your pregnancy.  

We usually choose a date about 10 days after your due date.  This date is tentative and if your baby arrives significantly early or late we can change the appointment. This tentative date works out to be in our time frame almost 80% of the time!  

Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Infant posed on Grey Blanket | Infant Wrapped in mauve fur

Choosing the Style of your Session

Once you’ve officially booked you will receive a link for a questionnaire from me. This is your chance to tell me exactly what you are looking for in your session! We discuss the style- rustic, classic, bright, neutrals, boho, minimalist- whatever you’d like! Next we’ll talk about the prominent colours in your decorating style at home and in the nursery. We’ll also chat about prop options, like buckets and bowls, furs, plain blankets(like above), wood backdrops, simple coloured backdrops. Finally we choose outfits like knit or cotton rompers, hats, bonnets, headbands, wraps or themed outfits like cows or fireman. You even have the chance to link images that you’re obsessed with! Want a better idea of what’s available? Check out this blog here!

Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Infant in a fireman's helmet
Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Infant wrapped in brown knit wrap | Infant in a bucket

Choosing what you should wear

I recommend wearing something comfortable and neutral.  Feel free to wear something that includes leggings!  
Try to avoid patterns or logos.  

Colours like white, cream, beige, grey, black and navy will lend themselves well to the family photo portion of the session.  

I will rarely do a family pose that includes your feet, so don’t worry about your shoes.

Feel free to coordinate colours with your partner, but there is no need to match.  

If your partner is a hat wearer encourage him to leave it at home this time 🙂

Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | Naked baby | Baby with her mama
Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | awake baby
Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | infant with cream knit slouchy hat
Newborn Photography | Aiden Laurette Photography | infant surrounded by florals
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