Preparing for an Engagement Session

June 15, 2022

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | A brunette man and woman embrace smiling in the woods

preparing for an engagement session preparing for an engagement session preparing for an engagement session

It’s always a little intimidating to have your picture taken… So it’s no wonder thinking about your wedding photography can feel a little overwhelming! One of the best way to make sure you’re totally ready and excited for you wedding photography is to have a killer engagement session.

At Aiden Laurette Photography we include a complementary engagement session with all of our wedding packages. We do this because we really believe so whole heartedly that your engagement session really does set the stage for the best wedding photography experience out there!

This post is going to provide some super helpful tips and tricks to have a bomb engagement session! Following along will make sure you walk out of your engagement session feeling incredible and excited for the big day!

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | A man and woman embrace smiling in a field

Tips to prepare for an Incredible Engagement Session

The When and Where of your Engagement Session

You can book you engagement session anytime; however 3-9 months before your wedding is usually the sweet spot, especially if you want to use the images in aspects of your wedding (Think: Save the date cards etc). This time line isn’t set in stone though; especially if you have your heart set on particular season or location or if you’re having a short engagement.

In order to take advantage of the best glowy, golden hour sunshine for your engagement sessioon it is best to schedule your session for about 2 hours before sunset- the engagement session will usually last about an hour and a half, so this will allow for the best lighting for your images! Obviously the exact time will depend on the time of year you choose to have your session! Keep in mind that winter engagement sessions need to start around 3pm in order to get enough sun light. This obviously means that a weekday evening isn’t an option for scheduling! One last tip about the time of year; I usually discourage couples from choosing their engagement session date for November, December or March. The weather in these months is just too crazy- we can’t guarantee snow, we can guarantee mud and we almost always end up rescheduling!

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | close up image of a diamond ring on a red maple leaf

Where is ENTIRELY up to you!

It is so nice when a couple picks a location that is special to them for their engagement session. It can be the exact location of a special moment in your relationship like the trail you had you first hike at or the horse farm you have worked at together. Or a new location that holds a vibe you love, like a beach or near a river. Nothing is off the table! You would also be amazed at the small amount of space needed to create beautiful images! So don’t be afraid of choosing an area that may be a little busy like a park in the city or even a downtown street. As long as the light is there it will work!

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | man and woman kiss in field

What to Wear to your Engagement Session

For some this can be the MOST important part of their shoot, while for others it barely even registers! For me personally; I LOVE clothing! So I am ALWAYS thinking about what to wear. And it can be TOUGH to figure out! Your choice in outfits really can have a big impact on the overall look of your session!

I always recommend bringing 2 outfits to an engagement session! One can be a little dressier and one more casual- this allows us to get more variety in your images.

You outfit choices also play a pretty big role in the overall feeling of your images.

Do you want to soft romantic images? Then think about wearing a flowy dress or skirt. Try to stick to lighter colours and aim for navy, khaki or light washed well fitting denim for your groom. Avoid dark or heavy colours.

Hoping for something a little bolder? Make sure only one of you wears a pattern, while the other sticks to a solid.

Here are a couple of myths that simply are not true about clothing and photographs!

Wearing black can make you look thiner. Sure, black is sliming, but it’s also very heavy in portraits. There is nothing wrong with black but if you’re only wearing it to look thinner and deep down you’re hoping for light and airy portraits, it may not be the best choice.

You need to match! NO!! Instead, try to coordinate! Coordinating is a completely different and oh so much easier! Coordination means you are usually choosing different colours that look good together but are not close to being the same.

Avoid neutrals, they wash you out! Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, there are some colours that don’t work for some people, but the truth is, neutrals are my favourites for light and airy romantic photos. Think; creams, greys, denim, whites, light chambray blues, blush, oatmeal! They’re all beautiful!

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | black and white image of man and woman sitting in grass

A Few More Quick Tips!

-Empty your pockets!!
-Leave yourself lots of time to arrive on time for your session! We are racing the sunset so if you’re late we can’t just keep shooting :(. Also, being late usually means some arguing and frustration in the car and no one wants to start their engagement session on that note!
-Get your ring cleaned before the shoot; Maximum sparkle for it’s modelling debut!
-Be aware when choosing your outfits that your wardrobe change will more than likely happen in your car.
-Don’t forget your lipstick for reapplication- there will definitely be kissing.
-If you’re going to be wearing heels, bringing an extra pair of flats can make the walking between poses much smoother!

Lastly! Enjoy!! This is one of the more exciting steps involved in planning your big day! So, let loose, relax and enjoy. Maybe even plan a date after the session

Aiden Laurette Photography | Preparing for an Engagement Session | man and woman stand on beach, woman looks at camera smiling while man kisses her forehead

Here are some engagement sessions I’ve done recently for you to pull some inspiration from:

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