Six Wedding Trends in 2022!

January 19, 2022

It comes as no surprise that trends in 2021 certainly took a significant turn! With the constantly changing restrictions and plans weddings were always looking different.  I know there are many trends of 2021 that many of us in the industry would like to see stay firmly in 2021(Goodbye 10 person limits and last minute cancellations!) 

HOWEVER there are at least 6 trends from 2021 that I would happily see stay in 2022!  Now not all of these were caused by Covid, but they can certainly still stick around.My six favourite wedding trends in 2021.  (Make sure you read to the end- I left my favourite for last!)

1.First dance(s) before dinner! 

This can be just the bride and groom or all of the formal first dances.  There are so many reasons for doing your first dance before dinner!
Often, for some guests(like Grandma or your cousins and their new baby) a wedding day is an awfully long day.   So they only plan to stay until the first dances are done.  If you do your first dance before dinner those guests can feel free to leave when they are ready and don’t feel like they’ve missed anything (Especially if the formalities of dinner happen to run late). 
Another reason to do your first dance before dinner is LIGHT!  Most of the time your reception venue will have *some* natural light.  If you do your dance before dinner the natural light streaming into your reception venue will make for an even more beautiful photo op during the dance. 
Lastly, if you get your first dance done before dinner it opens the timeline up a bit during the reception allowing us to sneak out for some glorious golden hour sunset photos without many guests noticing 😉

Ontario Wedding Photographer | 2022 Wedding Trends | Bride and groom's first dance in a clearing in the woods |2022 Wedding Trends
Ontario Wedding Photographer | Bride and groom's first dances with natural light | 2022 Wedding Trends

2.Vintage and Heirloom decor

If you have ever seen anything on my Instagram about our farm house you would know how happy this makes me!  The trend for decor has moved away from the rustic a bit and has moved more toward a classic vintage look.  Think of using a mix of antiques throughout your reception venue.  A classic baker’s table makes a beautiful base for your dessert or gift table.  Antique chairs at the head table can create a unique and homey atmosphere.  Vintage vessels and crocks are beautiful alternatives for vases.  You can also integrate more natural textures like rattan and whicker or dried flowers to add to that warm vintage feel.

Ontario Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Decor | 2022 Wedding Trends
Ontario Wedding Photographer | Vintage Wedding Decor | 2022 Wedding Trends

3. Candle Scapes! 

Want to wow your guests with your decor?  Why not think about an over the top candle scape instead of florals.  Warm white pillar candles with white and glass candle sticks and platforms is a perfect cozy neutral look, while choosing tapers in your colour scheme in unique candle sticks and candelabras is a perfect way to create a statement! (Several of these Candle scapes were designed by Above and Beyond Event Planning at St Mary’s Golf and Country Club

Ontario Wedding Photographer | St Mary's Golf Course Wedding | Candlescape | 2022 Wedding Trends
Ontario Wedding Photographer | St Mary's Golf Course Wedding | Candlescape | 2022 Wedding Trends
Ontario Wedding Photographer | St Mary's Golf Course Wedding | Candlescape | Moody Candlescape | 2022 Wedding Trends

4. Dresses with pockets! 

Ok, I know dresses with pockets have been around for a while, but it seems like in 2021 almost every dress had pockets!  They are becoming totally mainstream and it is such a treat for brides!  No more vows hiding in your bust.  Want a tissue handy?  No problem!  Have something you need close by like medication or an insulin pump? Helloooo Pockets! 

Backyard weddings!  Again, this has been around a lot longer than 2021.  But we did see a HUGE shift in where weddings are happening in the past year.  Backyard wedding receptions aren’t reserved for the Banks family anymore!  Couples really are tying the knot wherever they want to right now.  I have been to a wedding in a clearing in the bush on someone’s property, I have been to a wedding on the dock of their cottage, I have been to weddings at every farm type imaginable- tents, barns, drive sheds, you name it and I have been there this year!

Not only are backyard or home property weddings particularly special to those involved, they provide the opportunity to really make your ceremony and reception 100% your own!  You can style your day exactly how you want it.  

Ontario Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portrait | 2022 Wedding Trends
Ontario Wedding Photographer | Bridal Portrait | 2022 Wedding Trends

Last but not least, my favourite trend of 2021! 

6. Ditching any tradition you don’t feel connected to! 

The restrictions and policies of 2020 and 2021 have really made couples stop and examine their wedding plans, and by necessity change, reduce, replan, cancel, add, and replan again.   And through that process a lot of couples realized just how many aspects of their day were being done because “that’s what you do” and not because they felt connected to it.

-Don’t feel like tossing your bouquet- scratch it!
-A big cake for cutting seems silly? You like pie more? Ditch the cake and get your pie on!
-Want to hang out with your partner before the ceremony starts?  Do it!
-Want to sit amongst your guests and ditch the head table idea?  Go for it!
-Prefer to shop local, thrift and reduce the footprint your wedding creates?  Absolutely!!
-Not sure the traditional wedding party idea suits you?  Change it up!

Ontario Wedding Photographer | Wedding Couple's Portrait- couple walking |2022 Wedding Trends

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