Should I get Professional Newborn Photography?

January 10, 2022

8 reasons to hire a professional Newborn Photographer

Aiden Laurette Photography | Ontario newborn Photographer | Posed baby girl image

Ok so first of all let’s just get it out of the way-  I am obviously; as a newborn photographer; a little biased.  But I really do think that newborn photography is such a special genre that truly should be done by all new families!  Here are 8 reasons you definitely shouldn’t DIY these with an iPhone and you should hire a professional!

3 images- posed baby boy in neutral outfit, baby boy stretching(black and white), baby girl semi posed in purple on pink fur.

8 Reasons:

1.The newborn stage is so fleeting, babies change so quickly and it is a time when you want to be focused on bonding with their new baby.   When you schedule a professional newborn session you can rest assured that all the details of this stage will be captured and you don’t have to worry about missing anything or running off to find your iPhone.  

2. A professional photographers studio has all of the equipment needed to make every image perfect. As a result we take time to establish great lighting, a comfortable temperature for baby. We have all the right props and posing aids to ensure beautiful poses.  We are also well educated and trained in posing baby and using angles with the camera to capture an incredible image every time. It’s our job to make sure your gallery is full of Pinterest worthy photographs- No Pinterest fails in my studio!  

3 images: baby girl in pink wrap and bonnet in bucket with florals, Macro image of baby's hand, posed baby boy in browns

3.Professional photographers are also trained and educated in infant safety!  This might actually be the most important reason to get professional photography. We know and understand how to safely pose baby to ensure they are comfortable, not over heating and able to breathe properly.  We are also trained in using props, aids and assistants to create a safe pose.  Then we often use photoshop to compose the perfect final image.  Many images on social media are a composition of multiple images in which an adult’s hands never left baby’s body to ensure they were safe.  Trying to reproduce these types of images at home without the education and assistance of a professional photographer can not only lead to a Pinterest fail but can be dangerous for your little one.  

3 images: posed baby boy in bucket, posed baby girl in grey wrap, posed baby boy naked

4.In our studio we have ALL of the props; outfits, wraps, bonnets, headbands, buckets, bowls, baskets, furs, wool layers, floor layers, baby beds, bean bags, pillows, rompers, beanies, lovies, florals, greenery…. etc etc etc!  Seriously the studio is OVERFLOWING with options to use in your newborn session- you don’t need to purchase a thing for your session.  

5.A professional newborn session is a relaxing, enjoyable experience!  Why not pamper yourself a little?  Any mama I have spoken to who has tried to DIY her newborn photos tells me the same thing. It was so stressful!!  That is NOT the case in the studio!  Come, sit back, enjoy!   You are welcome to read, check out the art in studio, scroll your phone(with both hands!) enjoy our cozy couch, have a coffee…(take a nap!)  I will take your sweet little one and do all of the work!  You can even choose to have your session in your home- check out this blog post on in home sessions to see if it’s the right fit for you!

3 poses of babies with parents

6.YOU get to be in the photos!  I include parents and siblings in all newborn sessions- no more family selfies here! 

7.Professional photographers know all the tips and tricks for getting great images of tiny siblings!  Even with siblings who are incredibly close in age- not to worry at all! We can get some gorgeous shots of them together.(Hint- photoshop is a mom’s best friend!) 

8.ART- professional newborn photography is more than just capturing your little’s one’s details at this young age.  These images really can be on your walls for years to come as art.  

4 images of babies in variety of props and wraps
4 images of macro shots of baby faces and toes

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